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How to be prepared for upgrading your operating and server systems

Windows 7 support and Windows Server 2008 support ends

Do you remember when Windows 7 was first released? – It was and still is a solid operating system. According to a recent Forbes article, Windows 7 reached 100 million licensed installations within six months of its release, and by 2012, there were a staggering 630 million installations. Only a year ago, Windows 10 surpassed Windows 7 in global desktop user market share. But every good thing comes to an end eventually, and in less than a year from now, technical support for Windows 7 will no longer be provided. That includes security updates making your PC more vulnerable to risks. 

Upgrading your operating system with HyCloud

Since a lot of businesses are still using Windows 7 as their main operating system, this year will mark a significant change as upgrading to Windows 10 will be a necessity. The HyCloud team can help streamline this process, work with you on the best options that fit your organization’s needs and ensure a seamless transition keeping your data secure, existing structures intact and minimize disruption of your operations.

Windows Server 2008 users can migrate to Azure

Another one bites the dust with Windows Server 2008 which will also no longer receive technical support come 2020. Microsoft’s cloud service Azure has been expanded into Canada in 2016 and will be the best option for businesses currently operating Windows Server 2008 and looking to make their operations cloud-based. As a trusted Microsoft partner, HyCloud has been helping companies with:

With the announcement to discontinue support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 by January 2020, the clock is ticking to upgrade your operating system and server network structure. The HyCloud team can help you get started.